Transformation of the Leper Man

Date: 30th June
Text: Mark 1:40-45
Speaker: Pastor Emil VH Kerekes

The woman with the bleeding

Date: 14th July
Text: Mark 5:21-34
Speaker: Pastor Emil VH Kerekes

Main Idea: The leper started in the wilderness outside the camp in isolation and after the encounter with Jesus was able to be part in the community again, Jesus started in the community, after the encounter with the leper, was isolated to the wilderness. Jesus traded the place with a leper.

Main Idea: The Lord’s power will not benefit a person unless the person has confidence in the Lord’s power. Courage that allows faith to exist is the courage to trust God when confronting real threats. Let your FAITH not your FEARS determine your future

The Woman at the well

Date: 21st of July
Text: John 4:1-26
Speaker: Pastor Emil VH Kerekes

Main Idea: God has come down from heaven and made himself available to all. The woman did not come to the well seeking Christ, but Jesus came to the well seeking the woman.

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