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Meet our Pastor

My name is Emil V.H. Kerekes… That’s right! The one in the middle is a real name. If you want to know it….just write me!

I am married with Nathalie. She is a gift from God and a reminder that grace is real. Together we have 2 daughters.
In previous life I was Indiana Jones.

Sports / Hobbies… Because I live in Birmingham, UK, I have to be fan Aston Villa. Besides, I love ping-pong, basketball, volleyball and cycling. Recently I discovered the game of “Kubb”. Such fun! And of course, I enjoy walking and listening to music.

Education… I have couple of degrees (Associate, Bachelor, Law and Doctorate in Leadership and Church Ministry). Beyond that I love books, deep conversations with a cup of tea and a sponge cake. Complicated conversation is not my thing.

Belief… I spent my first 17 years looking for God. It took me 17 years because I was looking for Him in wrong places. His work in my life is the reason for my faith. Jesus lived to die for me. I have been given the freedom to follow Jesus. I’m a work-in-progress to live like Jesus and love like Jesus.

Mission… I served in different places like: Ukraine, Moldova, Kosovo, Romania and Belgium. I’ve been in ministry for over 15 years now. My personal ministry is about perspective, identity and calling.

CHURCH… Passion for church is my nickname. In January 2015 I moved from Belgium to Birmingham, UK and I took over the pastoral duties @KEC. I love our leadership team. Together we are stronger!

God’s Word… I believe the greatest need in the church today is for pastors to preach the Bible that connects people with Jesus. Powerful preaching is about transformation, not information.

People… They are not targets or projects. I’m spending time with them because I love them, I love Jesus and love leading people to Him.

Impacting… I believe that God wants me to have an impact in people’s lives and invest my life in others. My deepest desire is to bring glory to Jesus through lives changed by Him.

But, enough about me… how about you?

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