KEC History

The church was founded following a burden in the heart of several Christians who felt led of God to serve Him and Kingshurst. As a consequence of this, John and Jean Orton set up home in the area during early 1961, establishing a prayer link with local believers, including David, Phyllis Torpey and Lily Moulden. It was during September of that year that Edwin and Dorothy Orton and family also moved into Kingshurst, after spending some years in ‘church planting’ in the county of Essex. Under Edwin’s leadership their home became the initial centre for the new church.

A small Sunday school was immediately started, followed by Boy and then Girl Bible classes, which subsequently functioned as ‘Covenantor’ groups. The few believers met for prayer and Bible study each Wednesday evening.

As the number grew and because of the need to develop, the Sunday school transferred its venue to the local ‘Overgreen’ tenants hall, and was given the title of ‘Adventure Club’. The Covenantor groups extended their mid-week activities during 1962 into using two local junior school halls.

From the very outset of the work, the believers met for worship and communion on Sunday mornings in their homes, it was during 1966 when the much desired larger venue at the Overgreen hall was made available. The growth of the Boy Covenantor class also necessitated a move to the hall at the same time.

Literature was frequently distributed on a door to door basis and this was often coupled with numerous Saturday evening rallies held at the Overgreen Hall. A further step forward was made when the regular Sunday evening services were held in a local school, first as a monthly event and then subsequently each week.

Thus the general pattern of the work at Kingshurst took shape. The membership increased as some door to door contacts were won for the Lord and as further Christian families gave their support. It can be said, however, that the mayor contribution to growth was attributed to God’s blessing amongst the young and the godly number who fulfil an active leading role in this church and elsewhere both home and abroad.

In anticipation of the need for a church building, early applications were made in faith for a site. It was in 1969 that the present site in Cooks Lane was allocated. This was viewed both as an answer to prayer and a challenge, the opportunity to serve the unexpected Chelmsley Wood housing estate.
The initial church building was officially opened by the Mayor of Solihull on the 10th April 1976. It was viewed as a stage one multi-functional building. The church had envisaged a stage two to the building to be completed in the future, thus offering the potential of all-purpose centre to serve the community God had set KEC in.

The opening of the church building represented a new chapter in the life of KEC, there being an initial sense of awe, joy and relief at what God had accomplished through His people.

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