Elder’s Updates – 24th of March 2020

Hi everyone,
I hope you are all well and safe.
I want to thank you all for connecting on Sunday Livestream. I am really sorry about the quality of the sound. We made some tests the day before and everything went well. And on Sunday morning the technology let us down. But I am working hard this week to have excelent quality on image and sound for Sunday. Thank you also for those who gave financially on Sunday. It is important not to forget this part of giving. I want to remaind you giving is part of our worship even thought we dont gather corporately. Please go online to our website and find out more how to give.
For those who cannot attend online our service, I printed a transcript of my sermon and delivered to them today so they can also be fed with God’s Word. We will find ways to keep in touch with you and communicate the essentials. I would very much appreciate your patience and understanding with this.
Meanwhile we have different WhatsApp groups that are running to encourage eachother and stay connected. We can always use Zoom meetings or Google has also Hangouts option to have group video calls. We will test them and try make it work for everyone.
We have to use the technology as much as possible to stay connected with one another.
Regarding Betty’s funeral, unfortunately people are not allowed to attend the service. Only 6 people (included myself) are allowed. Maybe when all this finishes we can have a proper memorial service to remember our dear sister Betty. Pray for the family in this hard times.
Dont forget to pray for the Eldership team for protection and wisdom on how to move forward as a church.
Pray also for my family and myself as I am out couple of hours a day.
We love you, we care for you and we are praying for you. Everyone matters to us.
Please follow us on Facebook and on our website for latest updates.
Stay safe and be blessed
Pastor Emil & the Elders
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